Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How many crates can you climb?

Quest, Bloomsburg's outdoor adventure and leadership program, is well-known for taking students on adventures in parks, rivers and streams. But they've also got a knack from bringing fun challenges right to campus. They recently spent an afternoon hosting a crate climb challenge outside of Carver Hall. Here, freshman Joe Riccardo (safety secured with a harness) of West Chester climbs ten crates stacked one upon the other (He's just placing the 10th here). The record at that time was 11.

Technical notes: Cameras are getting less important all the time as even basic (and cell phone cameras) become more capable. This was taken with a Panasonic LX5, which was purchased used fairly cheaply. I like it because the quality is good enough for many thin and  it's small. It's similar to the Olympus XZ-1, but the Panasonic's control layout works better for me.

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